Wednesday, September 13, 2006

El campamiento en el parque nacional Amborò

This weekend for 2 nights I went to a nacional park and camped there with Tiffani and Yaquelin who are ex-peace corps working at a NGO in the town where I live. Both are now 30 and actually grad students in the states at the same school. Now they are doing a practicum in Bolivia. One is studying organizational management, currently working with a women’s group. The other is focusing on education..

For 3 days and 2 nights we hiked in the national park Amboro. What was hard for us is to cross rivers stepping on rocks by rocks. I, a smart ass in physics, calculated which part of rocks I can step on and considered how much I can weight on them, I have never fall off into the river, but the other 2 have got nasty slips into the water. Although each time they kept laughing at themselves, so I didn’t have to feel that bad about them.

There were 2 things I though really weird: First, I couldn’t find any trash there. Second, our guide seemed indifferent to girls and foreigners, which is particularly rare for Bolivian guys, and very calm and quiet. He cared about nature more than us.
A gorgeous place with beautiful people. I am way too lucky to get to know those people in Bolivia.


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